Thursday, February 12, 2009

It is late

and I am supposed to be in bed now. But I am still up, uploading pics to FB, as promised , to my colleagues.Went to watch Bride Wars just now. A chic flick, comedy. Not bad. I had fun watching. Somehow it send me a very notable message to my head that marriage is not an easy thing. The pre-wedding time is certainly a time when it will break you apart.

If anyone had watched the movie, I was so touched by the part where Emma (Anne Hathaway) broke up with her fiance on her actual wedding day. OMG! Finding out that your fiance isn't THE ONE on your wedding day itself. I can only faint!

Somehow, I definitely didn't have any fantasy like those little Emma and Liv to have a dream wedding of their own when they grow up. My other half had asked me what is my dream wedding gonna be like *as most girls do imagine and fantasize how their wedding gonna be someday*. (Un) Fortunately, I don't have one. Should every girl have one? Hmmm. I am just wondering .... because I am scared that I may deviate from the typical girls-with-fantasy-weddings-in-mind type. Am I not normal?

As it is February, I rate the movie to be 3.5 star out of 5. I had a good laugh with my colleagues while watching.

I consider this outing as my early birthday celebration though none of them knew that the reason I asked my colleagues to come and watch this movie with me is for my own little celebration.
 Anyway, I had fun, they had fun. Everyone is happy and so am I.

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chegu carol said...

dun worry. i didnt implant my dream wedding frm that young too. everything started only when i was sure i got the ring... :P