Sunday, February 01, 2009

get away from me!

I always like walking alone when I wanna buy things. Especially when the whole family or group go to a shopping mall and everyone has their own thing to look for and what not.

I used to to do this a lot when I studied in Penang a few years back. Just hop on a bus and go straight to a shopping mall. Yes. Alone.

However, this afternoon, i didn't go alone to the shopping mall. the whole family went,but we go our separate ways since it is too troublesome to walk with people who have many-many directions. the part where so tiring.

so, I went my own way. It was quite crowded in Karamunsing just now. Banyak orang la bah, ada main tu tong-tong chang lagi tu-bising!. 

I was in watson, walking up and down the aisle looking for one particular shampoo. Then, one guy i noticed seems to be playing hide and seek nearby. *ish, apa ni*. He doesn't look familiar so i didn't pay much attention as i was busy looking for my shampoo.

Then he came near me as I was just walking out of Watson. 


Then I looked at him. *in my head--> eee. who the hell is this fella?*

"Saturang saja ka?" /are you alone

Still puzzled and don't know how to react because I was thinking ~do i know this guy/long lost friend or whatever~

I just smile and walk away. Clutching my handbag tighter than ever. Went out of Watson, and just walk into the crowd where the tong-tong chang is still performing.

I just don't know where the rest of my family is.

Looked back, no sight of that stranger. Huuuu..Maybe just false alarm. Paranoid me *slap-slap*

I went to 1st floor, saw my sisters there in Signature. They were still busy with their stuff, so I wander off alone la.

Then. AGAIN! I saw that fella. With the same "Hi!" and eerie smile and gaze.

WTF...get away from me! You weirdo!

I walked to my sisters and asked them to finish their shopping quickly. 


p/s: tong-tong chang : lion dance


sHeiLa said...

eiiii scary..

stalker ka tu?nasib nda ikut sampai rumah oooo

King Guzzy said...

mo mengurat ko ba tu joan ;p!! seh, nothing better to do kali dia tuh

cheers cigu! Fwebuari suda ;p

Joan said...

eee..mengurat apa barang gitu..macam stalker saja. scary ba muka dia.

Carmelliny said...

ee..menakutkan jg tu joan..nasib dia x pigi dkt2 ko pi gegang2 ko kan..