Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had a bad day

7am- rudely woken up by a phone call from work. 
press end call, switch off my phone and continue sleeping

730am-wake up for real
transit on the sofa in the living room, body aching, fever.

8am-rushed to school
to settle some stuff, this is prior to the wake up call. some shitty bussiness,that I have been sweating out to settle it for the past 3 days... I swear next year I don't wanna be in the committee anymore.

9am- to tuaran
run some errands for my sis
did some phone calls to settle my online business things. parcel delivery late, customer fuming. gosh!

10am-home again
too weak to do anything. fever mau mampus. my eyeballs also jadi kering already. dont wanna take mc cos my bank account is super dry now, cant afford to go clinic. for real!

11am- ready for school
rush like mad to prepare for school. just remembered that 1130am got meeting. skipped lunch.

meeting, kena query by the boss because of the low pass rate for Maths. wth?? it was not solely my fault. then more responsibilities came in order to overcome it. projects projects projects.

1215pm-class started
Class was so noisy. My tonsils sakit, swallow saliva also cannot. I was not even respected although I stood in front of the class trying to calm them down. Those cina kids memang la ba.

I was such an emotional wreck. Yes, for the second time I cried in class again. Thank God for the tears, if I didn't cry, I might end up slapping and injuring some of the kids inside the class. Parents will bring me to court. No no no

Again thank God for the tears. I don't care, I cried. SO be it. I had fever. Head was pounding. I didnt had lunch. Am hungry. Tonsils painful...boleh gila oh!

and I have to 2 classes with 2 periods back to back. I felt like dying. The fan inside the class is freezing me, my stomach empty asking for food. At one point, I was close to fainting..Luckily I was sitting down that time.

3pm- went home
Ate late lunch, pop in some pills, slept for one hour by 430pm back to school. 5pm-535pm got another class.

Super shitty day. Thinking of taking mc tomorrow...but..but..but..*sigh!


On another note, prior to my yesterday's post. I also like to share Daniel's view on that. Read that. Enriching.

Why they have to fight over Language problem ALL the time. Now, ALLAH then the PPSMI.

Why you wanna abolish the Teaching and Learning of Maths and Science in English? Those silly parliaments reps has nothing better to talk about la these days.


Carmelliny said...

ambik mc lh for tommorrow joan..

Gallivanter said...

Thanks for the link-up. :-)


Dazeree Joan said...

damn the fever season

resyscaz said...

yup..funny betul edu system in Malaysia..PPSMI mau the victim is us..yg kena train ajar math in Bi for almost 4 years suda...nasib dr kecil ckp melayu..but we already familiar wif math punya english term bha...another thing 'they' shud consider.huh