Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-day 2009

Can you feel the love in the air?


Somehow Valentine's Day kick off with a wrong start. Here's what happen today

1) Caught in a jam at inanam punya simpang empat tu. 

There was a sudden unusual count number of cars today. Saturday + Valentine's Day + Traffic Light rosak... JAM!!!!!!

2) My side mirror kena langgar

Yes, while crawling in the traffic jam, this super-cilaka fella on bike zoomed past my car in lightning speed. Langgar my side mirror. Nasib tidak patah...twisted in an awkward angle saja. Jahanam punya motorist, harap kau langgar anjing nanti and jatuh masuk parit. Nah kan kena sumpah sudah.

3) Warisan Square is full of cheesy couples

Me and my sisters were there to buy a birthday cake. *my youngest sister punya birthday lagi today*. Reached there. Parking lot saja pun ada sudah sight of couple yang menjengkelkan. Inside the building no need to elaborate more la.

Reached there noon. Cheesy couples radar detected this.

After lunch time. Cheesy couples radar shown this..OMG.

The sight of flowers --> Ok to me

Couples holding hands --> Ok to me

Same outfit for couples --> Erkk...

Blue contact lens for You and Me --> Double Erk...

Dating at the stairs --> Let me pass through, I need to use the stairs.

Bermanja-manjaan at the book store --> Adui, get a room people. Can't afford ka? Bookstore is the best that you can do?


4) Left Warisan as soon as possible

Drove back, on the way , of course more couples to be seen. Funniest is the pilak-pilak dating at Teluk Likas. Should have brought camera tadi. Got a couple dating next to a over-turned tong sampah with sampah scattered around... Awww, so romantic! They love each other no matter where they are.

5) Almost hit another car

Yes, I was driving past the Anjung Selera in Likas, overtaking a car on the left lane with a car sticker "Bah, Jangan kau Laju-laju!". Sarcasm at its best.

Anyway, I went to the right lane and was about to picking speed when the crawl on the bridge near YS started to move. But the red Iswara in front of me seems to be stopping abruptly *approx 200m ahead*. No brake lights seen anyway. I was confused.

Slam in the brakes while glancing at the rear mirror *lucky no trailing cars behind*, managed to stop in time before I hit the red car. It turns out the red Iswara had crashed into a Myvi. The Iswara was definitely travelling fast before that. The car zoomed past me before I overtook the car with sarcastic sticker. Myvi was crawling because of jam. Kana sungal pula pantat tu kereta.Marah betul ba driver dia. Perempuan lagi tu.

I should thank my lucky stars today for not adding up to the crash. It might be a chain accident if I didn't stop in time.

Sarcastic car sticker...You are definitely right!

5) Afternoon nap like there's no tomorow.

Home sweet home. Nap is like heaven. Pure bliss. Muahahaha

6) Celebrated my sis birthday and a belated one for me also.

How was your Valentine's Day?


Lett said...

Joan, berapa berat ko skrg? 52kg kah?

Joan said...

Why u ask? Gumuk kan sa..

sweet-girlicious said...

ehheh...well, i agree some couple really don't know how to be lovey dovey in a right place...sometimes along the street really " meyakitkan mata" when they too over react during valentine day.:)

Dazeree Joan said...

my valentine? behingus hingus one.

sedih butul sa o.

Dazeree Joan said...

mine? behingus-hingus one.

sory. that was disgusting. ha.

Lett said...

Dalam gambar tuh mcm gemuk sikit..... inda taulah kalau reality....