Thursday, February 05, 2009

good night post

time and date is a concept made by human beings. 24 hours is never enough. One year just pass just like that. Distance also...why do we need that concept? why? It made my life complicated.

super hectic day, tomorrow will be to. Needing someone to hear me. Just here to rant about nothing. How nice of this blog can answer me back. 

Dependency on something, someone, somehow, somewhat, somewhere. Complicated life.

I need someone to talk to. *before this blog becomes an online personal journal-and i don't want that to happen.

Monologue again. *two punches to the face...dush-dush*

Face it. We are alone in this world. 

Huargh *yawn*. Goodnight  


King Guzzy said...

Sleep tite there!! :) in a far far away places especially with love ones far far away..sometimes blog tend to be the only fren you have hehe..seh..jus kiddin!! Good rest and have a splendid day tomorrow k!

chegu carol said...

if i happen to not have that someone to unleash anything thats been boggling my mind...i'll write, keep for a while and burn it..i'll type, saved as draft and when things get better, i'll delete it. :P