Sunday, February 15, 2009

dizzy busy moody me

A not so happening Sunday.

Church as usual in the morning. My stupid contact lenses were creating problems again. Dry eyes. Damn it!

My skin allergy on my scalp resurface again. Thus adding to the appearance woe. 

In dire need to get a new hairstyle yet I want to keep my hair long this year. New hairstyle means cutting hair. I don't want short hair.

Can't colour my crowning glory because of the skin irritation that I am having against chemicals like hair dye. Sigh! Maybe need to see doc before it get worse now.

Caught the sight of myself on a mirror at a makan place during lunch and man! I look ugly. 

Where's the healthy glow? Well maintained hair? Great skin? I don't even really bother to use make up now because my skin has so many problems. Oily yet flaking *cos too dry* on some area.

Metabolism rate also declining since age is increasing. I love food and I love to eat. How la?

Okay..okay enough of this... I seriously need to spend more time loving myself more.


Just a little story to share,

Went to 1B to teman my sis to visit the Jom Masuk U campaign there.

So, I grab the chance to get more info on scholarships available for postgraduate programmes.

Situation --> At KPT (Higher Education Ministry) booth.

Me pointing at one chart for the scholarship of postgraduates, while asking for more info on that chart.

Person at booth: Oh, that's for postgraduates if STPM leavers is this one. *pointing other chart*

Me: Err, I am a teacher.. *i guess i don't have that look la, need to explain myself again*

Person at booth: Ic...Ic...*hastily answering me again*. That programme is for lecturers only.

Me: *in my head ~ damn it, I saw the qualifications for applying there is DG41 and above la, I know which shoes I am in la, that is the post I am in now*

But instead of clarifying things, I just said okay.

Then the girl at the booth pandai2 tambah her explanation

"Here is Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, if you are a teacher you can inquire more at Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia booth over the other side."

I know la the KPM is at the other side BUT the booth only serve info on MATRIKULASI KPM.

Bodoh girl. Didn't she know that some teachers may also fall in the DG41 category. and NOT only lecturers. Title only different la, it is the same thing...

What? Teachers are a lower class than lecturers is it? Hmppph...

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Lett said...

Ada orang yg bongo tapi kerana dia terlalu bongo, dia tidak tau yg dia bongo.

hehehe... mengaku labah salah sekali sekala kan Joan... kalau sia tuh, sudah sia explain panjang lebar apa maksud tuh DG41...