Tuesday, February 03, 2009

drink your sorrows away

2nd feb, the first schooling day on the month of february. Post CNY and school sports day which was last week, the kids are like monsters in class. Not too mention some of the really rude and biadap kids in the class.

I lost my temper and the devil in me was released. I was close to slapping some of the kids yesterday because of an incident in the class. My fault anyway, I was too lenient on them during the start of the school term this year. Trying the different approach does not work well with kids raised from a family with gangsterism background.

Solution: stop nagging and walk away. *literally just leave the class in the middle of a lesson*
If not some kids might be slapped and the parents will go after you with their kongsi-gelap-kinda-style gang.

Thinking of starting February in a positive and happy mood but it started off like that. Geez...Anyway, thanks to the invitation of a friend to a party last night. It was booze and gambling till midnight. Yes, drinking on a Monday night and am working today. Nonetheless, I had a good time. Haha.

The aftermath:

Headache when I woke up this morning...Check!

Stomach not feeling well and turning like a washing machine...Check!

Finance report not done...Check!

Hair smelling like tobacco and BBQ smoke...Check!

So much for the detox day and washing my hair before that. Not to mention, work piling up and am in no mood to finish it.

carpe diem..


sHeiLa said...

it's true actually, when we are too lenient with the students, they became naik kepala,kurang ajar! bikin headache jak..

as my collegue gave me some advice, it's good (VERY GOOD METHOD, trust me) when the very 1st class u showed your inner devil to them. so that, they will put in their mind for the whole year that you are a monster! but who cares anyway..part of 'pengawalan kelas'..seh.But, as the time goes by, u can sometimes be lenient to them, but not too much.

work for me anyway..

Cath J said...

Ho ho...understand your situation... I been a Preschool teacher before.. My voice roar like lion.. LOL.. I hope my son won't make the teachers headache in future.. ;-)

King Guzzy said...

carpe diem my fren, carpe diem, was one of my motto when i grew up :)

its a tough world nowadays for cikgu cikgu rite? ppl more advance and hmm..budak2(some of them~there are still good ones i think) really get into your nerves and when u think u wanna correct them, their mafia style kinda background and family makes things worst, y bother rite?

agree with Sheila, just b strict on the first day so that they will never cross the line again..EVER! seh wakaka :)

well, its still february, and its a lovely month! CARPE DIEM!!!