Sunday, February 08, 2009

life in a daze lane

this blog is quite picture-less for quite some time. the visual stimulation aid is nowhere to be seen lately because i am not inspired to put any relevant visual aids in my post. So, don't complain. Just bear with the words.

late last night, i have this things that i wanted to blog about but right now, the ideas and thoughts just dissapeared. Damn! 

in the mean time, i am downloading some stuff to valentinize my blog for this february look. haha. don't hate me for remembering that day so much. eat your hearts out you non-loving people of the earth.

anyway, to my friends who had tagged me. i will do the tags when i have the time okay or when i feel like it because it is kinda hard to those things if i am not
 really into it. hehe. better late than never right? Handwriting tag, random facts, etc...i can't remember what are the others. Sabar ah!

on an unrelated note, (really..really unrelated to the above things)

1) I want Kim Kardashian's shiny black hair. How on earth she can make her locks looks so bouncy and healthy?

2) Does anyone know where I can find this skirt cum tube dress? I saw this at 1borneo but it's retailing way too much for the price and they only have display stocks left so really not worth buying there.

3) So in need to workout more and eat less. Why? 
I was at a family gathering yesterday and my cousins and aunties was like "Eee, kenapa ba ko gemuk sudah ni?" *dush-dush~ two punches to me...One to the face and one to my self esteem*

Almost every young ladies in my extended family are sort of crash dieting, they just don't 'really' eat and DON'T workout...but they do look thinner and slimmer than me. WHO, by the way.. do workout and eat normally. Not to mention, I am by nature do have not-so-slim..ahem..muscular legs *footballers' legs anyone, I am ready to donate*

Not too mention my other high school friends who really turned heads in town these days because they are showing off their slim thighs and arms with minimal clothes and dolled up face. Pigi kadai saja pun mau juga berlawa...Cis. Mintapuji, mentang2 sudah cantik sudah sekarang. 

A jealous remark from a plump girl? Maybe. But the pressure to be slim and pretty is way too much sometimes until it can kill the highest self esteem around.

Anyway, I am a true believer of fitness and natural charms. So bimbos keep away! Don't pollute the air around me with your fake attitude and look. You all are nothing underneath the make up and the diet pills.


sweet-girlicious said...

well...every woman like us looking for a stunning and shiny hair... but i guess the Kim Kardashian's hair is a fake hair...nowadays (not all la) if u see someone hair just look nice, thick, shiny and until make u think how they get that hair is actually " the extension hair".i've got some friends and sometimes modal use that extension hair. can be find in centerpoint...last time my friend extension the hair rm 300 depending how much u need it to be.

sweet-girlicious said...

and one more think...hmm..about the tube dress...i also sell la...hmm i did saw the tube dress in warisan square at D&M but i guess..u better find it in online if u don't want to get same like others...will help u find it dear:)

JerryInc said...

wakakakaka...jeles case kah ni? hahaha