Thursday, February 26, 2009


sober thoughtfulness

i guess a full day rest at home really made my brain tuned to the things that I don't usually think about on a daily basis.

for the first time, after teaching for quite some time. I am learning to love my job.

As much as I hate the politics at work, the workloads, the lesson plans, the expectations from my superiors.

I can say that I love being a teacher.

All this while, I am only a teacher... I view everything from the managerial side.

But, the thought of knowing that I have inspired, I have taught good values, I delivered knowledge, I helped some to be better.

Most of the time, I focus too much on the negative side of being an educator.

To remember that I am an inspiration to the young minds - that is the best thing that could motivate to keep going.

*okay enough of being work to do now. nazir ada pigi skul*


King Guzzy said...

Now you're talking!:) being a teacher is also a noble job! i miss the time when i was a substitute teacher during uni days, n to see my students succeeding and also inspired is really very fullfiling in the end :) Keep up the good work girl!! :)

Gallivanter said...

I agree with King Guzzy - being a teacher is noble. Unfortunately, like any job, it comes with politics and all that jazz.

Sometimes, it takes an outside to give you positivity. *opens his wallet and gives her a positivity card*



chegu carol said...

of all ur post, i love this the most. u know why :)

Cath J said...

Ayooo... without teacher..Human become 'stupid'...AKA botol kosong!!! Thank God we have u all to guide us.. (Ohh I am a preschool teacher before as thank u to myself also...sikit2...hahahahhaa!)