Thursday, February 05, 2009

sakit belakang oi!

The back pain that I have been having is on and off throughout the week. It didn't hurt that much during the badminton session last week, also the same during my last Karate class. But, today. OMG...I think I felt the muscle or bone or whatever it is just slip from its original position. The back pain became worst.

From bad to worst during another Karate class just now. Was doing some warm-ups, doing kicks, then S.A.K.I.T. I immediately just walk and .. and.. I just can't explain how the pain was. All I can say is, I walk: sakit, I sit: sakit, I lie down : not so sakit. That's why I am blogging now while lying down on my bed. I hope when I wake up tomorrow, I still can move my leg. Gila ni.

I guess those of you who knew me personally might be wondering why the sudden change of martial arts. It is not a change. It is just an addition. Learning is a whole-life process. You are never too old for anything. But the transition between skills in Taekwondo and in Karate : not easy. Need practice la.

On another note, just need an opinion. 

My close friend (X) has been dating another friend (Y) for quite some time. Yet, things are not always on cloud nine for these two lately. So (Y) seems to have interest to another friend of mine also (Z) and there are chances that someone maybe dumped and hurt. So, what do I have to do?

Ignore this situation --> Kasi biar saja
Tell X about what I know --> Jaga tepi kain orang la ni
Or anything else that you people may suggest..

Hehe.. I sounded like those "heart to heart" column in those magazines la.

p/s: my back still hurts..very much


Cath J said...

LOL..kena start taking more calcium...LOL...

Joan said...

huu...i dun think because lack of calcium la. the back muscle over strained i suppose. my back very stiff now

Lett said...

Ko pigi akupuntur... Itu yg paling mujarab mau kasi hilang sakit belakang....

Mengenai kawan ko tuh.... i wont say anything..... i will access the situation and in which i think the best, i will try to cucuk-cucuk both to achieve my desired result.

If i want them to break... i will make them break... if i think the best is for them to stay together... i will help them to stay together....

Kalau dua dua sia tidak suka... sia kasi biar.

Joan said... takut sa mo try ni..jarum bah tu, i hate needles.

huuu..ur suggestion tu ba. thanx ah. i will think about it la.. see how la kan. ngeheehe