Saturday, January 31, 2009

muddy week at work

Jadi buruh, baked under the sun *well, not really la cause it was kinda cloudy most of the time*. STILL!! Panas ba tu kalau ada matahari.

It was the school sports day. Yes, for 3 days. The rainy season doesn't really help much either. No skin tanning effect but the mud- was so unbearable!

My perbarisan team is also full of mud. Itu budak-budak la. The costumes worn by the 3 girls here. OMG, mud everywhere! Really like kerbau. And, I have to cuci the costumes after the whole thing finish.Nevertheless, everything paid off. We won the best marching for sport house and overall champion. YAY!

The most fun event for the day was the interhouse teachers' relay event. Seen there are Connie and Dazeree. More pictures on my FB, those who can access go and tengok2 la k.

In the meantime, I totally need rest this. The back pain that I have since after CNY is getting worse after the badminton game just now. Damn it. Cacat. Help!

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Minsulod said...

hi joan,
rainy season@ muddy seasons as well.
Congrats joan your perbarisan team won. Yeyy.