Thursday, January 08, 2009

liquid nose

liquidated nose. Yeah, seriously, water just like dripping from my nose.

Anyway, wasn't feeling well the whole day today. At work especially, tissue for stopping "leaks" on my left hand and a pen on my right hand writing. Sneezing...countless.

To add salt to the wound, I just so happen to bump to a 'somewhere' over the 'rainbow'. To my horror...Something is so freakingly the same.

Well, this is not the first time la I saw that 'somewhere' but I have been observing that place whether the 'rainbows ' are the same like my ideas. Day by day, it is getting worse. Geddemmeet!!

Enough said, cursing aside...Copycats should just rot in hell.

Back to work issues again, falling sick for the first week of school is just not the best thing to happen now.

Somehow the fact that tomorrow is Friday has lifted my mood a bit.

Again..Damn you copycats!


maslight said...

get well soon

eimi.mitsuko said...

si bakaneko ba nama br dia tu... hahaha...