Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you do if?

If you are in dire need to shop, but you just don't have the green(Well if here, our money is not green la). Ugh..don't even consider saying use the plastic money a.k.a credit card. Debit card = plastic money, Credit card = buku hutang plastic.

Victoria Secrets Monokini
Spotted monokinis at 1B but...but.. need to lose like 10kg to look great in it. (Sigh, sudah la my vegetarian week a failure. Double sigh!)

Super chic pink and white laptop bag
I have one laptop bag already tapi suka mau bergaya la kunun ni. No, la the real reason is it is super bulky. Now, am using a much smaller bag. Yeah, the tupperware punya dealer bag. Yes..the black bag with white TUPPERWARE print on it. :)

Owh again. I can only drool.....

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