Sunday, January 11, 2009

new start, new everything

Now that everything is slowly sinking in, I come to accept that this IS 2009. The year of the ox is coming at the end of the month. My year also, so if you can do the maths, you'll know how old I will be this year. 

Next month, I will be 24 and a year later from now, I will be so scared to announce the year that I was born. *blergh*

Anywaaaaaaaaaay..enough about the age thingy. 

Moving on to another thing is that I can't stop playing that silly apps on Facebook called Pet Society. Well, blame my sister for introducing it to me and now we are so much like competing with each other to advance to the next level every time. Too free? Not really. I am procrastinating way too much.

Chinese New Year around the corner, but didn't do the blog layout to have any CNY feel. Just feeling more to a clean, monotonous color choice, not very simple but not so loud. Hoping that my life this year will be more or less like that also. The "eventful" hopefully is just history going once and no twice. 

*praying for all good things to come this year*

Money-money please rain on me..wahahaha


sHeiLa said...

my dear friend..i still do not know on how to change the layout/background etc..pity me..betahun2 suda try, nda pandai2.heh

sweet-girlicious said...

yup...year by year my age also now increase to one level..i'm 23 now...i feel like oh...i'm getting old..and soon will missing my memories....