Friday, January 02, 2009

ko sudah kawin ka belum?

Are you married already?

Whoa..Easy on that question man. 

Well, that is a compulsary question that willdefinitely come up when you are chatting to a friend that you haven't been talking to for quite some time.

You see, the Happy New Year wishes are being sent everywhere to the near and far ones. So, it is a great opportunity to start a conversation with a long-time-no-see friend. Catching up stories.

But why, oh, why 'that' question is a must?

Is it because for the last two months, a lot of people especially my childhood friends and ex-schoolmates are getting married?

Is it because the girls my age, this year will be 24, fit to be married? *haha, got such thing ka pula?*

Is it because all my friends and colleagues mostly had reached or just reached the quarter life stage?

Don't get me wrong la, there is nothing wrong to ask that question but I prefer other questions or warm up questions that doesn't point out directly to marriage... *hehe*

Cuba la ba tanya berapa kilo sudah berat badan ko naik ni, nampak sihat ja ~ wahahaha, this one if you ask a girl sure kena slap.

Or u can ask... Kaya sudah ka? *giggles*

oh..the dreaded M word on ~nice read


Lett said...

Ini memang QUESTION OF THE YEAR 2008 buat sia. Lagi teruk, yg dorang tanya BILA. Mcm lah kawin nih ko buli bagi tau exactly BILA.

sHeiLa said...

alaa..dorang just 'amazed' ba on why we still enjoying out single life..kan kan?

chegu carol said...

do you actually believe they meant what they asked?

they're not. cos that's what i felt when i asked people the same question. *Ok jan marah sia ah*

it's just for the sake of asking. if you answer 'yes' then ok...the story will continue...if vice versa...well, you know how the story goes with the 'no' answer lah kan...hehehe

Joan said...

oh..memang modal for story2 onli la tu pula..maybe juga la. hehe.

sHeiLa said...

it's ok juga ba if wana answer 'YES' coz we are some day kan..hehehe..saja ja tu mo kasi heat up..hahahaha

Crystabel said...

24 is too young to get married/tied up. i want to do so many things without obligations wrapped around me. dont u?