Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not for the weak heart

Eh? Weak heart...Got such word ka. My English is buruk already now. Later I might sound like a China punya signboard.
Anyway, I just don't know how I came across this site. On-d-scene

It is more to journalism kinda thing on a blog, but..but..the accident stories, they have visual aids., I tell you.

I scroll until the 4th story, I can not stand the pictures already.

Maybe not for you, but it is too gruesome for me. And the pics is definitely not fake..

Owh, the twisted in an awkward angle limbs...and blood..

Aaaaaaaa. I close the window without even finishing to the end of the page. 

I might have nightmares tonight.


on the scene said...

hi joan..

thxs visiting my 'cikai' blog...
u only visited only 4 out of 180 + of my entries....n u have another 176 to read...!!!
anyway, pls cum again...

Joan said...

wah..the author of the blog itself comment here.

I can't stand the bloody scene la.. I am such a weakling..

Anyway, to those out there, who are interested to know more just click on the scene yea..