Sunday, January 11, 2009

platonic please

one thing in common that most guys that I encounter is..

that they always have hidden agenda.

when you wanna be friends with someone, why can't u keep it platonic?

after all the first thing that one is looking for is friendship and not more that...

that is why I really don't trust guys who usually said "Hai, boleh berkenalan?" or " Can we be friends?"

Itu mesti ada udang di sebalik batu la tu...menjengkelkan betul!

That pick up line is so 20th century man!


fie the elf said...

and..the stupidest thing is that they get angry if you don't have the same feelings for them -_-


Joan said...

that is SO true fie.who do they think they are? gila + bodoh = gidoh!

Dazeree Joan said...

Couldn't agree with u mre! Dorg punya stupidity the female human race pla yg salah ne. Tuduh kita sumbung la..itu la..ini la. Eeeeei! Ingat we're cheap ka?

Wel^Beiolman said...

men getting angry towards women for not having the same feeling?wahaha...this is total stupidity la...

labelling women as sumbung for not responding to their efforts?whaha..this is another major stupidity by men..

a pick line huh....well if they're not interested they wouldn't care less about u ba...and that's the easiest way to start everything rather than main silik2 mata..or having a middle person pula..but sometimes..several men do have this udang sebalik batu jg...just be careful with these type of predator'd know once they thinking of something when you're just wanna be friend with them..hehe..but sinta inda buli di paksa ba..hehe..