Friday, January 09, 2009

the waiting game

For it was a shitty morning today.

Supposed to send the borang induksi to Federal House this morning but need to get the form signed by the principal first.

I arrived at school just a couple of minutes late and by the time I arrive there, all the VIP of the school is having a meeting. 2 meetings back to back to be exact. That time was 9.05 am already.

So, the waiting game starts..
One hour plus...

10.20am, meeting done. Managed to get my forms settled.

Rushed to Federal House, the journey took around 40 mins plus the jam and some very stupid Sabahan drivers *who just love to hog the fast lane with a turtle pace~damn you slow drivers!*

Reached Fed-House, I took around 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Damn it! Lama lagi tu. Sempit punya tempat. I kinda wrecked the bottom part of my car when the right side of the car wheels jatuh in a very deep lumpur, the side of the asphalt made the besi sound like what only..
Double Damn-it!

Parked my car, walked up the building, 4th floor. 2 minutes going up.

Hantar the form, cant see the people in charge because the person that I need to see is not free. Damn it, damn it, damn it! So, just leave the form to the person at the reception.

Go down and make a journey home and mind you this is a Friday! Afternoon, jam everywhere. School kids going out, people go sembahyang. Jam!!!

The real urusan is actually just sending the form at the counter which happens around 1 minute. 1 minute at the counter! One Freaking minute! The rest of it is just waiting and caught in a jam. 

Gosh, why don't this government body has an online system for this kind of form?


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Onderay said...

if online..a lot of people will loose their job...cannottttt....hahaha..