Wednesday, January 28, 2009

post cny updates

work resumes right after 2nd day of chinese new year, which is today. *other schools have a week long holiday- sigh!*

somehow am not complaining that much because instead of a normal school day, it is the sports day. need to teach, just have to bear the tanned skin or rather burnt skin after a couple of days. Thank God to day is a bit cloudy. But the field is almost like a paddy field. So, no need to wear nice-nice to the field la because later sure will comot like kerbau also.

fireworks still can be heard from afar scaring the wits out of dogs outside. It is the mating season for the dogs now, so dog fights is so inevitable. Damn it is noisy, but thanx to the firecrackers, this will quickly put the fight to an end.

But, one of my gatal dogs has his penis swollen now. Swelling + Bleeding. Now he can't walk properly. Probably was involved in a fight while mating. Nah, baru ko tau...siapa suruh gatal butul! Stupid dog. Somehow, kesian also la. Dunno how to treat the dog, maybe later have to hantar to the vet to fix him. head seems to be very empty now. After much eating, drinking, gambling and what not during the past few days, I cant seem to tune myself back to the working mode. I have to somehow. Kalah judi ni masa cny. Cilaka betul.

I hope my unlucky streak for the Ox year will just end at the gambling table. Hopefully lady luck will always visit me throughout the year. It is my year anyway, so give me some money or whatever that can make me richer la...Harap2 bulih la kaya2 sikit ni tahun.

This is supposed to be a short update, jadi panjang pula. Anyway, it is still Chinese New Year until Chap Goh Meh kan. So, it is not too late to wish everyone... Gong Xi Fa Cai.

*I am thinking of rearranging my bedroom for better feng shui la*

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Carmelliny said...

mating season kah pulak skg?hehe..btw,happy chinese new year to you joan..