Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wedding on tv, Raindrops on the roof

No idea to blog about what today. Heavy rain, so stay inside the house the whole afternoon. Gotta get some things done but as usual la. Procrastination.

Got tagged by Sheila, but that also a bit lazy to do now.

Owh, I watched that Mawi and Ekin wedding live on TV.

Faulty PA system,CD jump..luckily those AF stars know how to perform under this circumstances. Particularly during Amylea and the other girls were singing Cinta di Akhir Garisan. Impromptu accapella to save the show.

All the hoop-la about the 'big' event is not so perfect after all.

Anyone who watched the bride and groom grand entrance must have noticed the white horse pulling the kereta kuda went berserk at the sound of fireworks. Almost throwing Mawi and Ekin out of the horse carriage if the penjaga of the horse didn't come to the rescue.

And the funny thing is at the same time, during the live telecast of the wedding, RTM1 is having a talk show kutuk-ing the wedding shown live on Astro.

Ooh! they even have a poll about what the viewers think of the extravagant wedding.

74% said it is just a waste of money...wahahahahaha!

Mawi and Ekin, the puppets of the media. Pity you too. oh, I mean congrats..ahahahaha :P

Why do I even bother to blog about la la la. 


sHeiLa said...

mmg pun waste of money..heh! but well as everyone aware, this ASTRO yg suka make things havoc kan..hey, i didn't even know about the wedding..ngeh ngeh

p/s : btw girl, as i cleaned up my flowers i received on convo'06, i got ur CARD ( all this while i tot i lost it somewhere - tejatuh maybe) but it was still THERE till yesterday. 2 years ba beperap di dalam tu bunga..adeh..

Carmelliny said...

lol..bukan dorang yang waste money bj joan,tp tu tukang sponsor yg waste their money utk sponsor dorang.last2,byk jg masalah