Monday, March 03, 2008

25th february

Initially, he came being just a stranger
Little did we all know, that throughout the journey
He became one with the rest
A great fun promised when he was small
A great loyalty shown through his daily toils
Being one under one roof is also not always easy
Fighting for space, privacy and a place to mess around
Companions change twice, but he never turn his back on us
Changes come and go, yet he stayed on.
For several years, things were doing so fine
Until at one moment, pride came crashing down
He has lost his territory and had to find recluse in his own nest
Months passed he just live a very fixed routine of life
Being just so comfortable living with food so easy to get
Then one fine day, he left and he never did come back

..and all we know that he was killed in a road tragedy.
injured beyond recognition..only the leg made it so obvious its him
7 years with us, it is just so hard to believe that he is not with us anymore

He had live a good life, should be longer, but God called him back
Sadly missed and remembered by the whole family
R.I.P Miawtut (2001-2008)
~fondly known to the neighborhood as the cat with 3 legs
~a friend, a pet and a loyal, faithful cat

*if you dunno who is this, previous post, and believe it or not his dear friend, the yellow one is really missing him since his death, didn't stop meowing loudly around the house, gone to every place that Miawtut always lepak. I read some article on the net saying that it is really true that other pets do mourn for the death of its friend...and some even reach the point that they have to sedated to be calm. The demise of Miawtut also made the whole family to be be in a solemn mood for a couple of days. Some people may say "it is just a cat". But to us, he is family...and I am not surprised when I shed some tears when I type this post. Call me crazy if you want, but if one does own a pet...they will know how it feel.*


Tal said...

Alala...kesiannya your cat. Sedih sy baca your post oh. :(

quexerra said...

i absolutely can relate to this. also lost our dear Beyonce recently (pet hamster) to a damn ol bird. tragic death. (T.T)

seweng said...

eee mo nangis ooohhhh... :'(