Thursday, March 20, 2008

vaginal smoking

also known as the Venus Smoke in the US. Mostly included in Balinese beauty package. but it has an origin from anciet javanese custom. according to this custom, women go to a 'secret place' *note the inverted comas* to beautify themselves prior to wedding or special occasion. Available in some upmarket Bali spas especially those with Javanese origin like Martha Tilaar spas.

"The woman sits naked in a chair with a hole in the seat while a bowl of seeds and herbs is burned under the hole. The smoke that wafts up into her vagina is meant to stimulate and disinfect the region."-taken from the *no pics though, sorry guys! hehe*

I was browsing about different spa treatments on the web, then I came across about this...very interesting indeed, yet kinda disturbing. Who would want their vagina to be smoked to be pretty?


F.R.E.D.Y said...

HEy Joan, You'll never know! haha..

EviE said...

yea la..we'll never know..tapi why have to smoke down there to look pretty on the outside..still cant understand