Monday, March 24, 2008

happy easter all.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - An outspoken Muslim author and critic of Islamic fundamentalism who converted to Christianity at the hands of Pope Benedict said on Sunday he realised he was in greater danger but he has no regrets.

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cindy said...

Wow, insteresting!

Anyway, cute blog. Happy Easter! :)

Ratu Syura said...

As a Muslim, it doesn't sit well with me to see such extravagant displays of apostasy. He could've done it in a local church if he wanted to. So what's your take on this? Just remember you have Muslim readers too, so a bit of sensitivity might help.

Btw, I was told about this post by a very angry muslim reader. Do take this as a constructive comment and not random criticism.

EviE said...

well i understand that this post might be read by others, but the news that i got is from a mainstream media as well. The Star.So, I guess if one didn't read it here they might see it somewhere else as well.

I have no intention to offend anyone. Just provided the link to let others read about it and judge for themselves.

Geraint Sitaun said...

Ha ha ha ha.. readers tryin to dictate what bloggers should write.

Sensitivity works both ways la. Be less explicit in your own sense of supremacy.

Juz boycott this blog la or sumthin. Don't forget to boycott The Star too. And Utusan. And Berita Harian. It's the trend now. Juz like blogging. Gals like to be trendy right?

Note for the blog owner:
Too much religious stuff. Won't attract readers. More skin.

YU JIAN said...

Dear Ratu

If I had a dime for every angry Non-Muslim who tells me about "extravagant displays of Islamism" which smacks right in the face of a multi-racial country happening in our country everyday, I'd be richer than Khairy Jamaluddin now.

Fact is, we got to realise that the world does not revolve around taking care of your sensitivity or needs solely. The original poster merely conveyed mainstream news which is relevant to her beliefs / ideals. So just as I would ignore Muslims putting up anti-semitic posts / expounding views which are contrary to other dogmas of religion, I suggest you curb "sensitive" thinking.

It will do the world, and Muslims, more good to be tolerant of views dissenting to Islam.

Ratu Syura said...

If I remember me correctly noting, I was not trying to dictate what should or should not be published. I merely stated the fact that the converted author's display of apostasy, in which he chose to do it so extravagantly, did not sit well with me. And I asked the blog owner what her take was on this matter. After all, she merely gave a link to the story and said Happy Easter.

As for sensitivity issues, I agree and see where Yu Jian is coming from. It would be hypocritical for me to say that I am not revolted by some Muslim extremists, even in our country alone. However I do feel that just because there are extremists out there who allow such negativity to arise, we should start being insensitive towards another person's religion. That's just how I see it.