Friday, March 14, 2008

not really into it

day 6
yes! It is the sixth day of the school holidays. Nothing much has been going on except that our political drama of the nation is truly at its greatest heights. Can't really afford to go and read every single thing on the net about all this yet the's videos and songs really amuses me a lot.

counting the days to go back to school made me feeling a bit miserable. Damn! why do good things always have to end. I just don't want to be reminded about the workload that is waiting for me when the schooling days starts..and hush-hush a bit. *our Penolong Kanan is a pain in the ass, argh*

got into a fight with my mom yesterday.doesnt help much to cheer the gloomy events that has been happening throughout the school hols. sometimes I can be so B*thcy with some stuff. well, what the heck, I must have inherit it from someone or somewhere also.


seweng said...

hehehe...hepi back to school sigu!

sikul mana bah ko ni?

EviE said...

cant tell ya..i just mention bad stuff about my PK..haha