Saturday, March 08, 2008

school's out, holiday's here!

Amazingly, my mood tremendously improved once the school holiday kicks in today. School's out today, a day early due to the preparation of election tomorrow. So, spent the day browsing through holiday destinations. *yeah, I know it is so pathetic, instead of goin for holiday am only BROWSING...this is another classic case of NO money but wanna shop, so just window shopping la.*

--> So, I am "window holidaying!" .haha

Window holiday for places like Bali...gosh the place is such a HEAVEN...the hotel rooms at some resort and hotels are just SO nice!

and the view...uhm..breathaking. Couldn't wish to be anywhere else if I do have an opportunity to stay a place like this!
not too mention, the famous balinese massages. The spa is definitely something that will top my list of the MUST-DO things there... much of window holidaying..just wondering when is the time to really set foot there.

*but one thing concerns me a lot that I read somewhere about the security level in Bali is totally jeopardized given the recent cases of bombing of tourist spots..owh, how safe it is to travel there?*

Ooo..and one interesting list I found at is this

TRIP_ADVISOR_DIRTIEST_HOTELS_LIST you might wanna check it out.hehe


Dazeree said...

i clicked on the link to dirty hotels. but the pic of a roach scared me off. that's hw far i went.

enjy ur holidays. :)

EviE said...

hehe.roach so disgusting.hehe