Saturday, March 15, 2008

school holiday coming to an end


1. Your ex and You = there is nothing to say about that

2. I am listening to = mocca (it's over now)

3. Maybe I should = exercise more, eat less..*haha*

4. I love = YOU..*and whoever that you is*

5. My best friend(s) = are around me *I guess*

6. I don't understand = people fighting over feelings issues

7. I have lost my respect for = no one, nothing

8. I last ate = fried chicken wings *for dinner*

9. The meaning of my display name is = my 'manja' name at home..*yai~punya bida*

10. God = will come!

11. Someday = somehow,somewhere.

12. I will always be = the girl next door

13. Love seems = to make the world goes round and round and round

14. I never ever want to lose = MONEY!

15. My Blog is = is where I blog *duh!*

17. I get annoyed when = things doesn't go according to plan.

18. Parties = if I am having fun and I don't have to do anything..LIQUOR is a must!

20. Simple kisses = fluttering

21. Today I = want to sleep more

22. I wish = people just don't like to fight against each other


01. is your hair wet?->Of cos not, am going to bed soon.

02. is your cell phone right by you?-> Yes, and it is on my RIGHT side.haha

03. do you miss someone? -> Definite YES

04. are you wearing chapstick? -> No, a CHOPstick. *akaka*

05. are you tired?-> Kinda, wish can sleep more..

06. are you wearing pajamas? -> Never did own one.

08. are you mad? ->NO

09. are you upset? ->Now, a bit 'la'



01. recently done anything you regret? ~hopefully not, not the ones that I remember.

02. ever lied? ever..? ~who don't!

03. ever put gum underneath a desk? ~I am truly civilized enough not to do that.

04. ever kicked someone? ~YES!

05. ever tripped over your own feet? ~I don't have that extra left foot


01. have you cursed? ~Nope. Been good today.

02. have you gotten mad at someone? ~YEAH..but can't do anything much about it.


Q: is there a person who is on your mind right NOW?

Q: do you have any siblings?
YEA I do

Q: do you smile often?
Tried to. But I guess a sulk is easier to pull off

Q: do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
why do u wanna now that

Q: do you like your handwriting?

Q: are your toenails painted?
nude color

Q: are you a friendly person?
I am an Aquarius for goodness sake

Q: who's bed other than yours do you sleep in?
hmmmmmm..let me think

Q: what color shirt are you wearing?

Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday?
cant seem to remember..short term memory loss

Q: I can't wait until:
the next school holiday

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