Thursday, March 27, 2008

miss global petite

i heard about it a few years back, this pageant is quite famous as well. and Hannah Tan won 2nd runner up at a global level catapulted it to its heights. Somehow it is still overshadowed by Miss World and Miss Universe. I am just wondering whether they are still organizing this event?

*plans to join..ahaha.what a silly thought!*

On another note. I was googling about this miss global petite and found this article *which I found to be very VERY interesting*

WE all agree that having sex in public is indecent and should be punishable by law. I am sure our lawmakers had precisely this in mind when they drafted by-laws governing indecent behaviour in parks.

But what about walking hand-in-hand? What about sitting together on a park bench; a peck on the cheek; a spontaneous hug? Are such acts indecent?

Remember the three young women who, seeking fame and fortune in Kuala Lumpur, entered the Miss Petite Malaysia contest, only to be unceremoniously hauled off the stage for "indecent behaviour"?


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