Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not a wordless Wednesday

Current mood: a little anxious.

Yea, I have an interview tomorrow. So, I totally don't know what to expect. One of the things I must get myself prepared is about current issues. Apa la current issues. I rarely read the news now, Facebook and twitter are sort of my "newspapers" these days. Haha. LOL.

Anyway, I had quite a rough day today with so many errands to be done and now I actually need to do some reading but I am just so lazy!

Having to deal with people at the PPD also a major headache. One thing I can't tahan with government office is the staff attitude. Not all lah but there is some. If you are unlucky like me then you will have to deal with them a lot.

So, I need to take my certificate from this lady because I missed the cert giving ceremony the other day. This morning, I went to the office she was not in. Then I come back in the afternoon after setting an appointment time.

Came on time and she was actually talking to another client. So tunggu lah. She saw me but tidak say anything. Pretend I am invisible ada lah. Saya berdiri there next to her table like tiang for 15mins and they kept on talking saja. Jadi, I gathered all my courage to potong the conversation and said "excuse me Puan, saya datang mau ambil sijil saya saja ". Then she gave me the talk to the hand face and kasitau saya to wait lagi because she havent finished talking yet. Maka, itu cerita dorang ni macam more to gossiping saja ni. Apa pula urusan rasmi begitu.

After waiting for 20mins from the moment I sampai the office then she went to take the sijil and give to me..

The whole urusan to take the sijil and give to me is just around 30seconds and after that I can go already. But she chose to do it in 20mins and made me suffer. Silaka la ba betul.

I don't know how my expression was like when I have I wait that long and I am not sure whether I did thank her or not. I guess I may look very rude to her already. Jadi biarlah, she can't be the only one who can be a diva right?

That's why I hate having urusan with the PPD office. Very mafan!!

So this is the cert that I susah payah mau ambil.


chegu carol said...

mau masuk 8 thn suda sa kerja belum lagi pernah dpt APC :)


Joan said...

Thanks chegu :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

woah! u're going for that japanese course? awesome! my kb suruh pigi but masi tidak layan. ALL THE BEST!

Yen said...

hi just visiting :)
punya la kejam tu c puan..if she can be rude why can't you? bikin geram ba org gitu..bgs la,nda pyh la bg muka dgn org gitu.

Joan said...

amanda..kalau ko apply tu, sama2 juga kali kita pigi interview tu..3 jak calon dari Sabah tu ari sa interview..

Yen...ya bah..memang rude..PMS kali dat officer that time..hmmph!