Friday, July 27, 2012

Etude Bubble Hair Dye

Mocha Pink ( kunun la )
Before ( the uneven hair color  - the bottom part of the hair was leftover of the Etude Bubble Dye , brown color )

After : Where's the Mocha Pink colour? least the un even hair color isn't that prominent lah.
So, my review on this product :

  • The brown series colours are better. When it says Mocha Pink. Expect a Mocha colour. No pink hue at all. Well, of course I didn't leave the hair dye more than 30 mins ( I have super dry hair ends already due to the previous colouring )
  • I love the conditioner / treatment cream they provide with the hair dye. It made my hair so soft!


chegu carol said...

saya mau cuba ini! nampak natural tu brown color kena even. sia punya rambut pun bidah sudah nampak tu rambut hitam yg almost 5 inches long....

Unknown said...

Joan, your problem as same as mine. My natural hair is black, and i dyed my hair with Etude Bubble Mocha Pink in around 45 minutes, but the result was same as yours. Just only outside hair become dark brown and little "pink" when it was at indoor light, but my inside hair still black T_T.
I actually want to dye with this color again because i like brown and little red. Have you try it again or change the color?

Unknown said...

My problem is same as yours. My natural hair is black and I was dyed it with Mocha Pink, but the result my outside hair became little brown and inside hair still black. I want to dye my hair again with same color. Have you try dye again with same color? Or you change with other color?