Monday, July 09, 2012

Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run

Snip ..snip..snip..XXL tu..

The rain can't stop us. Haha

Still early, so duduk2 dulu la


Zumba as warm up but the people are like sardines so no place to move around. So we watch only la. Hehe

me and my oily face. The first 1.5km I walk only

Si Didi yang risau dia nda bulih habis tu 7K

Enjoying the sunset sambil jalan-jalan

Dua perempuan gumuk..

Let's run to the horizon, run to the setting sun. Am totally loving the sun rays during this time of the run.

On the way to the finishing line.

First attempt to take photo. Fail

Argh! Macam apa saja.

Ah..a decent one. Vanity attack..hehe. I finished the run around 1 hour.  It has been 3 months since I last ran, so imagine the kaki sakit after that. Huhuhu!

My tagap sisters!!

We did it!! It was a fun run..Should do this more often.

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Mas Light said...

Best oh kan, kamurang lari time sunset. Me and my friends I think we got straight in front under that "START" balloon thing and sprint like crazy. So, we basically did not enjoy the sunset lol. Larian "personal best" kunun lol. But all and all, the route doesn't record as 7k. Mine only record 6.28km for few years XD