Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook Videos

How on earth can I share it here?

I just wanna share this video of the girl with sore eyes and she was given 5 days MC by the doctor plus some weird face reaction. like Oh My God!!!!! Why? I am having sore eyes now watching the video.

Here's the link on facebook videos, I just don't know how to embed it here

And another one, this boy trying hard to speak in English to confess his love to his girlfriend while his hands are busy all over her. budak-budak ah. Here it is

This is one of the reasons, why smartphones shouldn't be in the hands of not-so-smart teenagers.

Enough of this nonsense, I had my own share of teenage nonsense at school today when I have to handle a drunk teenage girl. Yes, she was drunk at school and mengamuk lagi sebab the rest of the students ejek dia. So, high with alcohol, berani la dia mau mengamuk sampai cikgu pun dia nda peduli.

Ahhh, bagus lagi tinguk my dog ( Mr. Kapas ) and his own "magnetic" wall.

p.s: after I clicked on like two to three videos at the second link ( scroll to the left and right ), it actually came out from the same person, Nur Feetri nama dia... omaigad!!!! ) - but I gotta applaud her effort to speak in English. Maybe English teachers should encourage vlogs among their students and submit it to their teacher for English oral assessments. ^_^

Her video link down here


chegu carol said...

I couldnt bear to watch all videos to the end..sanggup lagi sa tingu gory clips haha...on a serious note, bawa henfon pi skul has been much of a problem (at least to my school)...kalau kasi 10 budak bawa henfon, 1 saja yg bawa utk betul2 guna kol parents durang...yg lain? bikin record gmbar org bergaduh lah (actual fact) etc...pening, pening.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wahahaa..baru ja i wanna blog about this silly bitch ni!