Thursday, July 05, 2012

Butter Tub

Who ever thought that a simple everyday thing could be so versatile and double up as percussion thingy?

I came across this cover song on YT and it was performed by this two talented sisters. So young and so talented. I love the elder sister's haunting tone in her vocal.

But of course, this is a cover song of a cover song which means that they cover a song covered by Erato ( a Swedish vocal group ) who made it famous in Sweden because of this cover. And gosh, the butter tub made all difference. So so soooo different from the original singer; Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

Saya mau cari barang mo bikin ketuk2 atas mija la ni.. Good thing to do when you are really bored kan? Or during a camp fire ka or during a black out..Cos selalu ni Earth Hour sini Tamparuli ni. Hehe

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CathJ said...

Bah.. Kasih keluar semua tu periuk2... Sinduk... Semua... :p