Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RWMF 2012

It moved me to blog about this after reading Jasmine's post on the event. Yeah, must edit photos and blog about it while the excitement is still there. Teehee! Too bad tidak terjumpa si Jasmine or Amanda . Met a few of my other friends though. Ter-jumpa.. Siok ni. Unplanned..jalan-jalan terus terjumpa.

Anyway, I traveled with my sisters and cousins. 6 of us actually. Purposely flying in there on Friday itself and plan to go around Kuching city in the evening since my cousins are there for the first time. But then after dinner, we were so full that we don't feel like touring the city. Somehow, this is a must-take-photo-place.

We have no tripod hence the two versions group photo all the time
Went to Sarawak Cultural Village by bus the next day, RM15 per way by bus. The organizers are really making money from this event. The good thing is everything is so organized. Then checked in at One Hotel Santubong which is like 3km from the SVC. We tried walking to the SVC and back after the event; man it was so tiring!!! Should try to stay within SVC next time, just like Jasmine did. Anyway, it was a good experience to stay at One Hotel because almost all the performers are staying there as well. ^_^

We missed the workshops on 14th July though. Too busy being sakai all over, so we totally forgot to check out the workshops. Then at night, was the concert.

I love love love love the Mongolian throat singing. I never knew that if you sing sounding like Ju-On it will be awesome too! Also we danced the night away as if we were in Brazil. Hehehehe.

While we were there we didn't go to the sea to bermandi-manda.. Malas. But we did invade the swimming pool of our hotel. Jumped into the pool and went crazy like little kids. Yeah, the beauty of having a group of people who is sama kepala.

Talking about the hotel, I'd like to share this. Check out this "locking" system of the sliding doors at the hotel. Haha. Ancient but innovative

I love the atmosphere of the whole event! Definitely will be coming back next year. There's a lot of interesting + weird people that you can find.

During the final day concert, there's quite a few couple taking advantage of the green grass and sort of like making out at the concert ground despite the people walking around them. Ngeh!

There's also this uncle who is always with the "CS Party Animal" placard and he is only clad in a sheer scarf with printed skulls on it. Throughout the weekend we thought he has something underneath his scarf, manatau on the final night he was dancing away in front of us and when the stage light shone brightly - terus wayang kulit. My sister was like " Eee...teda seluar pula dia tu...nampak pantat dia. " - Hahahaha. Tapi that uncle memang happening.

All in all it was a happening weekend!

I love the confetti at the end of the show...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

SYOK O KAN! i termiss the confetti...huhu...and yes, im so mesmerised by the throat singing and the brazilian performance, OMG, punya awesome!

chegu carol said...

dulu yg sa pigi, teda stay sampai finale concert which i regret. ada cita2 mau pigi lagi but time will tell lah :)

Anonymous said...

Woohooo! I LOVED the festival. Will definitely go again next year! :) This time, if you go too, we should definitely meet up :)