Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't trust fitness trainers with perky boobs

You can exercise and be lean, you can get your muscles toned with weight reps, you can have your body fat decrease by a combination of cardio exercises and HIIT.

But you will never have perky boobs that defies gravity even you do workouts. Women with naturally big boobs DO need support. Like a lot of support for the extra weight in front.

With a body like that and those melons being so perky without any support, I am guessing it's fake melons

Don't tell me you can workout without a bra even with those assets.

IMHO, they are banking on sexuality to sell these workouts. Check out the suggestive video names and camera angles being used to document the workout videos.

Macam porn kan.. haha...Lagi-lagi the video no music in the background and all you can hear is her heavy breathing..Kin panas! That's BodyRock workout

I still prefer this Insanity Workout to the BodyRock workout that's being led by a fitness trainer who looks like a porn star.


chegu carol said...

Fake boobs definitely!

Joan said...

Kan?! Plastic boobies

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hahaha...but yeah, im intrigued with the insanity workout. ada jual ka dvd dia tu? :D

Suis Rusak said...

kalo pakai bgitu p eksesais kompom lpas tu nenen smpai pinggang... hahahhaha....

Joan said...

amanda..i dunno pula ada dvd dia ka nda..i got my copy from hard disk si clarvie..hehe.

mimi aka suis rusak..haha..tatap nenen sampai pinggang. macam sanggiring giring sapi