Friday, July 06, 2012

My School Rocks 2012 !

It has been almost a week since the competition had passed only I have the time to do the post on this. Also, at the same time I got an invite from Mr Dinoza about being one of the blogger to cover the event. Well, hey, since I am gonna be there to accompany my students, why not right? It's killing two birds with one stone. So, here's my take on the whole experience during the competition.

This was what in the bloggers goodie bag. Awesome stuff. I love notebooks for doodlings!

1st July ( Competition Day )

Woke up bright and early and went to school before 7am. The students and Dazeree were already at the school. Talk about dedication. Getting ready was chaotic and we left the school around 8am and arrived at venue an hour later when the getting ready session resumes there until the registration time comes for the students.

Getting ready! Nasib baik ada cigu Des yang sampin make up. Sa tulung siring2 saja
My school sent two teams. Team A ( the seniors ) and Team B ( the juniors )

Team A .. some of them have had the experience of My School Rocks back in 2010

Team B.. the cacing kerawit gang sebab semua ramping and very fidgety. Baju dari bundle, leggings from a sale and the hair accessories are hand sewn by yours truly.
Check out the crowd!!

Meriah kan. The idea of having the Sekolah Paling Bersemangat and Best Cheerleading Team competition also made the hall very very very meriah!

The whole day was divided into two. Morning is for primary school category and the afternoon is for secondary school.

Some random photos taken during the competition.

In the afternoon, they have like 28 teams from various schools, so I was almost in a brain coma due to the various dances I saw on the stage. But some are VERY good you know! Dance moves were sharp, choreography was so exciting and creative.

I got so excited for the Team A performance that I forgot to take photos. Video ada but very far and the quality so bida. Lucky my sisters came and I handed them the camera and these are the photos of the Team B performance.

As expected, the winning team for the Secondary Category is SM La Salle and the primary is SRJK St James, Likas. We must work harder for the next edition of My School Rocks.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Make Sabah proud !!!

So, what we did to console the broken hearts? .. photo sessions lah

My fave shot of the day!!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

syok o kamu ada chance participate begini pny activity! damn my rural school!

Joan said...

Amanda, boleh juga tu ur school.yang penting ada cikgu urus.ada yang dari beluran, kudat and tawau lagi datang..try la next year..