Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goodbye Jem2

This is a long overdue post. Jem2 was our pet dog. He went missing just a week after the MH370 incident. That's why we say he is pulling the MH370 stunt to us. Huhu. We really hope that he would come back. Because he usually do.

A month passed and there were still no news about him. We were still positive that he will eventually find his way home.

Early May, a neighbour managed to talk to my mom and told us about what had happened to Jem2.

Apparently, he got hit by a lorry at a nearby lorry parking space. A contractor loaned the place to park his lorries. And Jem2 died there. It was unsure whether the pilaks who drove the lorries there, buried Jem2 or ate him.


Whatever it is, now we have a closure for Jem2. Goodbye Jem2. You came to our lives back in 2009 and 6 years later your life ended.

You have been a good dog Jem2. We gonna miss you! It's painful though to know there were no proper goodbyes. Huhu.

That diamond on your forehead Jem2. It stays. Jem2 like a diamond. RIP Jem2.

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