Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Midnight ramblings

It's midnight and I am supposed to be sleeping. Was kinda exhausted with the Zumba session just now (substituting my sister for her class). Just finished marking the paper for the Science subject. 3 more classes for Maths. Yes. I am talking about exam papers and school holiday is definitely around the corner. Looking forward for it!

But the busy days are also here right now. So many things going on in my head right now. Two important things that I really need to finish up now

1) the HLP/CBBP application. 

hunting down signatures of the appropriate person is an agony. Oh well, just gotta get through it. Nothing comes easy

2) exam papers and analysis

really really really need to get this done before end of the week. I hope I can keep up, I can be a total slacker most of the time.

On another note, the mister has transferred to KL. It has been a month since he relocated. Gotta get used to the frequent travelling now. We have found a house. Not buy lah. Rent only. Tiada duit mau beli rumah. Too broke because need to travel KL-BKI all the time.

p.s: I have registered myself for another running event. The Putrajaya Night Run. Oh komonnnnnnnnn.. hahaha (what sorcery is this?????

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