Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday yang hectic!

There's just so many things to do today.

Drove to KK in the morning to do some urusan at the Federal House. Damn! I hate it when there's no parking available. I just had to double park and leave my phone number on the dashboard ( just in case someone need to go out from their parking lot )

Went to the JPN Sabah to take the pengesahan from Ketua Jabatan which is the Pengarah Pelajaran ( whom is always not in ), the Penolong-penolong Pengarah also just happen not to be in yesterday and I have to postpone all my urusan to Thursday. I pity those teachers from Beluran who were there also yesterday. Imagine, they have to travel that far JUST take the signature of the Ketua Jabatan ( who is always not in )


WHY the hell that the application is not available online. I mean. They ask you to submit an online form but there's more offline forms need to be filled in and certified and stamped by some big shot in the Jabatan.

Aiya, I complain also no use. Won't change anything. But bottom line is I pity those who have travel far and take a day off to get the signature of someone "up" there and just to know that no one is in. Tsk tsk tsk

Anyway, there will be a Teacher's Day celebration at school tomorrow. All the teachers who are the former student of the school are required to dress up as students. Hahaha.

Bah, saya ada name tag sudah untuk bisuk. Old school kan. Pakai typewriter lagi tu nama. Haha. Semangat ni. Mo tidur awal.

Wanna see how do I look in school uniforms? Murid tua...hahaha . Will post it up tomorrow.

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