Thursday, May 15, 2014

Borneo International Marathon 2014

Another backlog post. When May started, the first two weeks went like BAM BAM BAM and now its already coming into the 3rd week.

And so, this is my first running event. (hey, this is the sport of the people in their almost 30s and 30s.. haha look here -> check out number 3)

Indeed the force fourth was with me. I didn't train at all for this event. I am just relying on the Zumba sessions that I do every week.

Collecting the race pack does feel funny to me. I never thought in a million years that I would join a running event. Walaupun 10km saja. Frankly, I prefer swimming to running.

But I seriously think running is good. Number 1 exercise to do cardio and maintain weight. Need to lose more, run more. Besides, seeing my other blogger friends run, it is very motivating and my source of inspiration.

Indeed running is liberating.

I almost give up during the last 2km when the sun is shining to my face. Damn! I hate the sun. Nevertheless, I completed my run. Buruk2 timing pun habis juga kan. Hehe.

So, next event maybe I want to run for the Putrajaya Night Run. Harap belum tutup penyertaan. See now it's addictive pula. Haha.

Get to run our first running event together too! Yeay. Good job sisters

10K pun mau pingsan sudah. I seriously don't know how they completed 21K and also the FULL marathon 42K.  


Mas Light said...

Congratulation! I didn't get to meet u pasal se sampai lambat hehe. On another note, BSN putrajaya night run is a great running event. I experienced it last year and PB there for my half marathon. Walaupun banyak bridge. Hee~

Running could be addictive. Run safe and have fun! :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yg penting abisss...addictive o kan? hehe