Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Universe 2012

is Miss USA. Yes! she is one of my top 10 picks.

I really do want Venezuela to win initially but after the QnA she was like "$%^&*(&(*)((_)^$#@@$#% and i like to surf $^%&^$#^^*))&&^$@ , thank you!" - tidak faham langsung apa dia cakap ni. Lawa tapi macam utak kusung. Akakaka

the top 5

Anyway, Miss Phillipines did a wonderful job. Her answer was the most brilliant one. Though I think she may have scored lower in other aspects compared to Miss USA.

Miss USA is also a hero for petite girls. Well, not too petite though, she is 5' 5" by the way but for the Miss Universe standard she is petite. And of course she is gorgeous! Congrats Miss USA for being the new Miss Universe 2012 ( though I don't really like her evening gown for the finals but it really matches the red jewels on the crown, plus the hair updo, it was so meant to be! )

p.s: I just don't understand why Miss India is in the top 16 though because I think Miss Malaysia is more deserving. Boo to Miss India.

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