Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Fever

It's almost Christmas soon but at the same time I got the MU fever too. Owh yeah. Miss Universe 2012. I forgot to watch the live streaming of the preliminary just now. Now, while waiting for the video streaming to load I am typing this post.

My top 10 picks for MU 2012 in random order

Miss Malaysia ( well of course, I am being patriotic here ^_^ )
macam burung merak oh ni baju.. a blush coloured burung merak

Miss Tanzania

Miss USA
biarpun macam baju kurung tapi masi juga lawa. I love her!

Miss Venezuela
glitters and sparkles all at the right place

Miss Mexico
love her dress! OMG

Miss Vietnam

Miss Brazil

Miss Jamaica

Miss Kosovo

Miss Ecuador

And as I was browsing , I was stunned by the evening gown shots. Here are some lovely and interesting evening gowns from random contestants

sparkly and glamorous

elegant sparkling lace

it's pink and dreamy... need i say more? 

angelic and the design too

blush pink and floaty will never go wrong

glittering and glamorous, the mermaid cut made it so elegant 

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