Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am one and always will be. Macam mana la ni? 12.12.12 has passed ( am more excited for 13.02.2013 ) and its already like towards the end of the school holidays and am still busy as ever. Gosh! How can I divide time properly and stop slacking off when I am not supposed to.


* carolling
* christmas preparation at church
* christmas eve choir practice
* christmas show practice
* party event planning

December is always a busy month. Anyway, it is a good month too in which there's quite a few of christmas shows coming in. I am happy with that. My sisters and I gonna be performing two songs at the Gaya Street Christmas Carnival on the final evening of the event. 13th Dec.

I am just wondering when will be the payday date for this month? Kering sudah poket ni. Sudah  la terbeli dress online and then sa nda muat. So am trying to sell it back. This dress is brand new, just wore it once for trying purpose. Sa nda boleh zip ok. My ilmu penuh di dada. Huhu. I really like this dress, but sigh! So any takers?

Bought this from for RM78.


Now sold out sudah tu sana cos this is a hot selling piece because it is inspired from Kate Middleton dress.
from double-woot fb page

Boutiques in KK are selling this for RM85 like that. I am selling it for RM70 saja. Tapi kalau minta pos then I kira RM78 la. CODs is RM70. This dress is size L and in white.

courtesy of

Cadwell Lace Pencildress

RM78.00 (MYR)Classy vintage lace pencildress exudes an elegant aura.A perfectly crafted piece for work or for an unforgettable evening. Emulate Kate Middleton's style with this piece !  Woots!

Material : Good Quality Mixed  Lace with inner lining.

Details : Featuring boatneck, intricately sewn lace, detachable waist band

Measurements : (measurements are taken laid flat, x2 for circumference) 

SIZE L :  Length:91cm, Bust:44-46cm, Waist: 36-39cm,Hips : 46-48cm

If you are interested, email me at :

So, for the time being, I think I can only opt for full skirt dresses with stretchable fabric. No pencil skirt as for now. Maybe I am destined not to muat in pencil skirts.

Blast from the past photo, find me!


chegu carol said...

gaji is on 18th. first thing first bila start schooling, we always photostate itu tarikh gaji dulu muahahaha.... you are the girl with the most kembang skirt (in white) :)

chegu carol said...

ok theres a few girls in are third from left, one leg up :)

Just said...

kalau perut kempis buli la pakai tu dress c Kate. hihihi.. sdg cari purple dress/peplum ni.. blm lg tejumpa. btw, itu gmbr sgt bikin rindu zaman kicil..

Mas Light said...

Astaga pagi pagi mabuk ni, I was trying to find the comment button bah but my eyes went from top to bottom manatau I belum habis read the blog post. I don't know how I got confused and clicked the title instead lol. Kesiannya me.

Neways, I love to shop at doublewoot :)