Thursday, December 27, 2012

Third day of Christmas

How was Christmas for everyone???

It's good to see everyone back at home and shared the precious moment together. Family gathering during Christmas is always the best. And its even better when you have BIG family.

The tradition for us every year is to have the exchange gift activity and for the past two years it has a color theme. Usually the color theme is chosen by yours truly because it has to match the deco of the Christmas tree at home. Hahaha. So, this year is Yellow or Gold colour.

This was the aftermath.

We just love giving out odd things for the fun of it but sadly for the little kids, those who get the "odd" things like chopstick or torchlight - it will made them sulk. Hahaha. Kesian.

And one thing that I can't forget was one of my second cousin, saying this to his brother " Eiiii, jangan ko duduk sana ikut dorang tukar hadiah, ko muslim tu "

Punya lah, mo katawa sa dingar then ada lagi bisik-bisik when one of my other cousins dapat hadiah "Eehhhh, bukan si Ika muslim ka? kenapa dia ambil hadiah? "

As innocent as they can be, I guess there is something wrong somewhere. I remember growing up with my Muslim relatives, kena babysit by my Muslim nenek, it's a big family and nothing was an issue or even cakap-cakap like that keluar. I mean, we respect each other and we tolerate each other needs. I just wonder who taught them this ideology.

For a Sabahan ( or rather Borneo ) kid, this segregation mentality shouldn't exist at all. I may understand that things over in West Malaysia is not the same here, but kids should learn how to be colour blind towards religion and race. Siapa la yang racun pikiran dorang tu.

Anyways, I felt happy to have such diverse family and I am sure every other family here in Sabah, they always have the 1Malaysia concept celebration for almost any festive season.

Merry Christmas! ( or rather Happy Third Day of Christmas ) - School is opening soon. Should I start to freak out now? Haha.

p.s: BIRTHDAY shoutout to my bestie. SHEILA ... Happy Birthday my friend!


Just said...

Uiyoo sampai itu kerusi pun kuning wor! Hehehe.. alamak kena racun fikiran sdh tu budak2 tau. sia pasang ja tu pokok xmas d sini, even kicil.. paduli la tu urg2 mau ckp apa. hihihi.. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to u and family Joan! :)

Jue said...

Waaa...Very happeing oo kan...Nice..Merry Christmas to you too...

Unknown said...

wow cool :)

Unknown said...

cool party

Jesse Tan said...

haha once my niece also told me the same thing. She said "ayie, sia benci urg islam ooo." I asked her why. She said because dorg jahat. Then I so selamba answered her,"but ayie also Islam oo, so ayie pun jahat la?" terus terdiam si anak. When I asked more further only i found out she actually doesnt like some of her Malay classmates here in peninsular. Guess kids nowadays get confused with religion and race. Btw, Love your family x'mas celebration! Everybody looks so happy!