Thursday, January 31, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Is it too late to start having new year's resolution now? Its already the last day of January. Life has been a rollercoaster ride right after 2013 came so it's time for catching up now.

So let's just review about my 2012 resolution

1) Scuba diving licence
Recycled resolutions. Yea I know. Hihi -
STATUS : still undone. I was so close to going but the timing just wasn't right.

2) Get my band's EP done
Soon..soon..soon. Crossing fingers for this -
STATUS : DONE! yeay!

3) Blog more
Yeah, serious! Also do follow my 365 days oops its leap year; 366 days ( a photo a day ) 
: Done! Well, at least I blogged about 130 posts for 2012 compared to 128 in 2011. Hahaha.

4) Learn a new musical instrument
Bongo! Come on... hehe. Am so bad with rhythm. So let's see. Haha -
STATUS: ah, kensel! Nda payah la ni. Hopeless.

5) Get at least another RM2000 saved in my savings account
A specific target, its a must. If not, I will only be bank in RM1 every month in result, I only have RM12 savings per year. Saving money its like the hardest thing to do. Its a battle of will power. Even if you have saved some in the bank, the tendency to get the money out is always there. Again its always will power -
STATUS: Done with savings but the amount is pathetic! Huhu

6) Eat less meat and exercise regularly
God! please help me on this. Don't take away my meat from me. I love meat. Must have it all the time but the diet must be well balanced right. Adoi, eating healthy is totally a challenge cos I LOVE MEAT! Exercise...yeah, I start tomorrow la. Today rehat dulu. Ngehehehe..

STATUS: Halfway there. Gosh! I did maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly but the weight just can't be shaved off. WHY????

How about 2013 then?

Am not setting any resolutions this year I guess. Yeah, seriously. I declare this year is the year without resolutions.

Like it will ever make a difference kan. With or without, one never keep their words anyway. Hehe. So, am just gonna live by monthly accomplishments reviews instead of setting a long term goal over a new year.

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