Monday, October 19, 2009

venting out the rage

its not exactly rage but its more like a panic attack and the mixed thoughts that come from it.

well, i have been at my workstation since this morning trying to settle the mess caused by the makcik. yes I kept blaming her for almost everything. Peduli apa saya.

at this moment, the Maths paper is on going and I need to channel my negative thoughts here sebab saya stres ni sekarang, if not I want to go makan for comfort and it wont do me any good.

At 1610 hours the paper started and I went for my rounds. I totally can feel that there will be something wrong.

3 classes complained they don't have enough papers. So, walking or rather almost running in my heels, I have to go to and fro from the classes to check for extra papers to redistribute them.

And yet...there are like 4 students without exam papers. That moment was like OMG!!

1) I have no extra questions anymore.
2) I only have the leftovers which means the cacat papers all stacked together that is

I have no choice but to rummage in the cacat papers to make 4 sets. Have to do it at the corridor. OPEN AIR.

That time, the storm is coming, wind getting stronger. DANG!!!!! I wanna scream because of the pressure. I just don't know where the heck that the will power came to calm my nerves.

A colleague passed by, asked him help to take stapler. He just walked away and asked me to call somebody else. Felt like shouting. But never mind la, I just don't have time for that.

Sweating like hell, I persevere because there's nothing much I can do except to get this done by my own.

Luckily I did. Phew!

But why am I still not relieved. I am still fuming mad.


Frankie said...

Sy rasa ko patut tiaw tu makcik bah, joan. instead of keeping that bad feelings inside of you...nasib baik ko nda terlepas rage sm org yg nda tlg ko bg stapler. make the makcik knows what r the consequences of not making her job done...make her feels the responsibility yg skg ko pla terpaksa buat. stab in front...don't carry forward the rage. kepuasan mo marah org bila ko hit the right spot...and never touch the other matters.

Joan said...

biar la tu makcik..nanti ada juga time dia susah tu..huhu