Friday, October 02, 2009

Fong Fei Kei = FFK

Up until now, I am still wondering on how to use that phrase properly. Moreover, I don't understand the meaning let alone using it. It sounds cool though..So, someone please enlighten me with this. Haha.

On a very unrelated topic, I somehow thought today is a Friday (well, technically it is since it is 1.30am now), the Thursday that I had was so laid back that I thought it's gonna be the start of the weekend tomorrow. Well, it's not. Boo hoo!

I was "pretending" to be free the whole day that's why. Haha. After my class ends at 2 pm++, went out to town to have lunch for a while. I noticed there are a group of guys were drinking beer at the same restaurant. Too early for beer, (I thought to myself). But maybe for them it was just nothing.

Not long after that, I realized one of them are sleeping upright with his head bobbing from side to side like an egg balancing itself and another one dropped his glasses on the floor. In the process of bowing down to reach for it on the floor, he slammed his head on the table. Alamak. Memang lah. LOL
The third guy, not so drunk but he I saw him a bit too "joyful" while babysitting his son. Yes, he angkut his son, whom I think is 5 0r 6 years old to go drinking with his buddies. Drunk some more. I won't be surprised if the son will grow up to be a drunkard too.

Anyway, cute kan this picture...Taken at the hall where I played badminton this evening.
Hehe ^_^

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chegu carol said...

FFK = janji datang tapi tidak datang.
kira janji tarang bulan la bah tu. :)