Friday, October 30, 2009


what is bertapa in English? * yea, my England sucks *.

Spent my morning and afternoon until the sun really set~ back to back doing things that I have to do in order to clear my mind before I go crazy.
Managed to finish up 2 classes. 3 more to go. ~ Sigh. Fyi, 5 classes with 40 over students each class. Felt like puking. Overdose marking papers.

Looking for relief..went for this event in Damai organized by Page One. * I have a very vague idea of what/who/why and the because ...haha*

Enjoyed the night but I didn't expect to have much Rock stuff going on until I came back home with a massive headache. Haha. Anyway, brown sugar caught my attention.

Btw, these people played a more easy listening music. and that heals the soul a bit *yea, plus the headache too*

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LaViaP said...

according to my dictionary, bertapa is living in solitude.