Sunday, October 18, 2009

alam dan manusia

I bet those who are born around the 80's and who went to primary school in the early 90's will surely remember the one subject that combines science, geography, a little bit of history and what not.

ALAM dan MANUSIA it was.


That name even sounded so funny now. LOL!!

Our daddy's time they used to learn Ilmu Alam, Ilmu Hisab, Tawarikh. Owh that classic names. Lagi la lucu.

I wonder 1 or 2 decades down the road what other evolution of names the subjects at schools will undergo. Not that it will change anything with the knowledge because what will be learnt are more or less the same thing anyway.



come on? hehe.

Talking about nature and human, yesterday, I went around town plus some kampungs to do a survey project for an upcoming event. Also, an early training for me to be the upcoming YB for Tamparuli. haha

So, went off-road several times with my Green Viva. She is tougher than you think you know. Tapi..


Injured juga at last.

I was driving downhill on a rocky road. Loose rocks I tell you. and that metal + rocks grinding sound. Unbearable! Sending cramps to my stomach muscle. My friend went down from the car to check, he said everything is okay.

Drove on flat road for like 15metres and the funny sound is still there. We stopped. Guess what?

There was a rock lodged between my tyre and the car body.

And check out the size.
OMG! I didn't expect it to be that big. Not much injuries to my Viva but more to myself.

Aduina~ cedera bah kereta sebab pigi round2 kampung. Saya memang YB berjiwa rakyat


TaQuiLa said...

ko ni baaa..nda kesian kereta ka? huuuu..dulu my kelisa yg paling kesian la, off-road pun sa hentam jak, kimanis jan cakap la..sampai semput-semput suda dia bejalan..

but NOW, sa kasi avoid all those things pampered she suda..heheee

sakit weh mo maintenance eventho' kicik2 gitu..

Dazeree Joan said...

ada superpower tu attached sama tu batu. simpan kama.. mntau bsok2 superwoman sdh ko. hehe

Gallivanter said...

Yikes! That is a huge-ass rock!


chegu carol said...

Yabah! Totally OMG!
punya basar tu batu.