Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hari Selasa

and I thought today is already Wednesday. Trying my best to fast forward the time to this weekend. Hell yeah! it's SBG this Saturday.

Ready with your costumes already. Mine? Hmmmmm. Maybe this?


In the mean time, I still have the real things that I have to take care of within this few days that is marking exam papers.

Just started on marking Maths ( Paper 2) . One word for this : effing-ly agonizing! *oops wait.thats already two..haha, if only you consider the first one to exist*

Hopefully can finish it before Friday, I doubt it anyway because ..because..because.. *ah, excuses again!*

Oh btw, this morning..the one question that annoyed me the most is "Ko di sekolah ka, mengajar ka now? "

Be it via fbchat, ym chat, or even sms.



~bikin panas.


chegu carol said...

I still cant find the wig to go with my outfit....

Joan said...

Chegu Carol!

Have you tried to go and look for it in City Mall ada satu shop yang macam ada jual barang2 for costume dis and wig. Di ground floor tu..Not exactly the best place to hunt for things like that la but the price of the wig there so far I think macam paling murah di KK..

Can go and have a look la

TaQuiLa said...

my veil siap suda...kekekekee

oh btw joan..ko d sekolah ka ni? LOL