Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween y' all!


Yay! Been anticipating for this weekend since like ages. Haha, well not that long la. It's SBG tonight. 2nd time going. Hopefully I wont be so shy like I did on my first time going.

Looking forward to meet everyone. Still not telling am dressing up as what, because I scared the character tidak jadi when I dress up later and I end up being another character. I don't wanna people go like ~ Urm, I thought you supposed to be "...." but you looked more like "....". Hahaha. So, just see lah. ^_^

For those who haven't thought of anything yet, just come with a mask pun okay sudah bah. Oh! here's a helpful site. Top 50 worst Halloween costume of all time. Haha, just don't dress up as any of those in the list.

Here's a few example:
talk about being thrifty, use cutleries from home.
Wolverine miskin. kekekeke

this squirrel is definitely not cute. Plainly strange. That "thing" down there is disturbing.

what the? FACEBOOK??



Mas Light said...

squirrel!?!?!?!?!? aku ingat munyit oh tu omg

Dazeree Joan said...

hahaahah lucu la ba tu facebook literal trus.

CathJ said...

Hehehhehe... Nice one.. ' I am a face book'...

Visiting you 'Paris HIlton' ^_^.. I love your outfit!!!